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Other Conditions

Our therapists have treated many conditions. We have chosen to be different in this area to be flexible and accommodating during treatment sessions.

Patients often come to us complaining of severe sciatica in their legs. They also have a problem with their shoulder that has been bothering them for many years.

Our doctors can spend 60 minutes of skilled treatment with every patient. In addition, 60-minute physical therapy sessions allow us to tackle the most complex cases and provide relief without surgery or pills.

What People Just Like You Are Saying About
Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance...

85+ 5 Star Reviews!

- Mark N.

“Ty is focusing on my flexibility and strength as they relate to my golf swing which has been fantastic. He is helping to prepare my body for the demands of a proper golf swing and I’ve seen great results in a short amount of time. I highly recommend Ty without hesitation”

- Doug S.

“I went to Scottsdale PT&P with a severe back pain. After about 10 days of treatment and exercise, I was pain-free. Tyler also identified the cause of the pain and showed me how to alter my golf swing to avoid recurrence of the problem. Tyler gives you his full attention and customizes exercises to your unique needs, abilities and goals.”
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