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Back Pain

"How To Ease Annoying, Aching, Daily Low Back Pain- Before it Gets Worse..."

Don't sacrifice the lifestyle you desire over problems that can be fixed. We made this just for you.

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It is common to believe that back pain is temporary and will disappear. Other common explanations of back pain we hear include: “sleeping awkwardly,” or that it’s just a “spasm,” or something that “everyone” suffers from at one time or another.

It’s unclear why this happened, but it seems to continue!
Back pain is a common problem. We hear it all the time; sciatica and lower Back pain are some of the most common issues we see at our clinic.

Everybody wants to know how to live with back pain.

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“Why is This Happening to Me?” or, “Why Am I Still Suffering With Back Pain After Putting Up With It For 3-6 Months? (Sometimes More!)

Many believe that when they have Back Pain, it will go away by itself.

They believe that one day they will wake up feeling like magic and back pain will disappear. But six months later, back pain is still a problem.

Does That Sound Like You?

Another scenario our clinic sees is where people visit the Doctor who recommends rest. The Doctor then tells them to “try these painkillers” to “see what happens.”

Rest is not always the best advice. Often, four weeks later, they go back to the Doctor because things haven’t improved. Even worse is that they are often prescribed more potent drugs and given more rest. Taking pain-killing drugs to mask the problem is absurd and explains why many Americans suffer from chronic lower back pain.

Has Low Back Pain Bother You Before?

Why is back pain so persistent? Because so many people have told you many different things, it is easy to get confused. Although many people are willing to offer advice, much of it may need to be more credible.

You might think your back pain is caused by lifting weights or sleeping in an awkward position. But it’s caused by years of inactivity or poor movement.

Back pain can be confusing; you need help understanding what you’re doing. Unfortunately, many people accept it as part of their daily life as if it’s normal and the way it is. So why does back pain persist for so long? Short answer, many reasons.

If You’re Currently Living With Back Pain, Here’s 7 More Reasons Why It Could Be Lasting Longer Than It Should:

1. It seemed like it would disappear on its own. It didn’t

2. Your doctor told you to take painkillers and rest. But the pills didn’t help, and your chronic back pain returns.

3. Your friend or family member told you that everyone experiences back pain with age, so you just accepted it.

4. Tried Other Healthcare Professionals or Physical Therapists, but no improvement.

5. Did you try YouTube exercises? They either didn’t work or made your back pain worse.

6. It was tempting to take a break because of your back pain, but it only worsened.

7. You got massages, and it felt better and more relaxed. But the back pain came back. The massage didn’t fix the problem long-term.

We would love to assist you if any of these happened to you. To find out how we can help, book a phone call with our low back specialist. It’s good that you tried all or some of these methods. Knowing what doesn’t work will help you find the right one.

If you’d like sound advice over the phone, click the link below. After the call, there is no obligation to make any bookings. Instead, our goal is to help you make the right decisions about what to do next.

“What Can I Do To Get Rid Of MY Back Pain Quickly?”...

Here are four things you can do.

1. First, decide to get help. Many people procrastinate, thinking back pain will “just go away with time.” But six months later, they still have to put up with it. Or worse.

2. Next, make sure you do the right exercises. Using the correct sequence of movements to ease back pain is critical. Physiotherapists will give you the proper exercises to reduce pain and help you move again quickly.

3. Avoid prolonged periods of sitting or resting. Have you ever tried to get off the couch after a long rest, but your back is so tight and painful that it makes it tricky? It’s because sitting or resting for too long can cause back pain. Likewise, your back will become stiff and tightened if you take too much rest or sit in an awkward position. Do some strengthening exercises to get your body and mind moving as soon as possible.

4. You can get natural, hands-on Physical Therapy. Physical therapy is evidence-based and is effective in relieving low-back pain. It’s one of the most common conditions seen at Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance. If back pain is hindering your work, your ability to stay active, or if it interferes with your family time, physical therapy can help you get back to the life you want.
We invite you to schedule a free, no-obligation, risk-free appointment at any of our clinics to learn more about how Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance could help you live with less pain.

So The Next Question Is:

"How Can Choosing to See a Physical Therapist at Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance Help You Get Rid of Your Back Pain - In The Next Few Days?"

We can help you live a free life from chronic back pain.
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What Others Are Saying About Their Return to Sport Process at Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance In Scottsdale...

- Steve S.

He gave me the tools and vision to help rehab my shoulder so that I could get back to training.

“Dr. Tyler has been a huge help to my shoulder injury. He gave me the tools and vision to help rehab my shoulder so that I could get back to training. Would definitely recommend him to my friends!”

- Susan J.

His goal is to provide you tools you can use to get stronger and stay healthy/pain free...

“I highly recommend Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance with Dr Tyler Sinda. His evaluation of possible injuries and your abilities with shoulder pain is thorough. His recommendations, therapy and care are wonderful. He is responsive to questions. His goal is to provide tools you can use to get stronger and stay healthy/pain free, which I am within the time frame he estimated during the initial evaluation.”

- Andrew

Highly recommend seeing him if you have any physical therapy needs.

“Previously before working with Tyler, I was struggling with some lower back pain and tightness. After our first session, I felt immediate improvement. I now have no back pain and we are working on flexibility/strength. Highly recommend seeing him if you have any physical therapy needs.”

Dr. Ty Sinda PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, TPI-2

Dr. Tyler is a physical therapist and founder Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance in North Scottsdale, Arizona. He see golfers, MMA athletes and active adults. His focus is offering one-on-one sessions for 1 hour focused on developing individualized programs to get you back to your goals.

If you have any questions about online programing or want to stop in for a visit, please reach out by hitting “request appointment” in the top of the page.

– Dr. Tyler PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, TPI-2

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