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Sports Performance


Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance leads the way in cutting-edge sports performance training. All these areas are combined to provide our clients with the best sports performance training possible. Call to get started with our team today.


We pride ourselves on educating all of our clients on how to move properly, in addition to why we chose each exercise and its purpose for enhancing their overall performance. We pride ourselves on providing this education as it ultimately allows our athletes to be independent and train safely and effectively even when we aren’t there to guide them.


Athletic success is dependent on the body’s ability and willingness to recover from intense workouts. Good training programs place targeted stress on the body’s nervous system and musculoskeletal systems. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy provide the same services that professional athletes receive from their teams in terms of recovery.

Full Body Musculoskeletal Assessment

Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance’s assessments are what sets us apart from other companies in the industry. While many personal trainers and other medical professionals may have developed their assessments over time, our assessments are based on the most current orthopedic, physiology, and biomechanical information.


We train athletes to move in a way that is both efficient and effective. Each program is tailored to the needs of each athlete and sport. Each program includes everything from position to team dynamics and minutes played. Every aspect of the program plays a specific role in optimizing performance on the field and reducing injury risk – ultimately leading to a happier human being.

Unlocking Performance: Where Numbers Drive Excellence

At Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance, we’ve always believed that success in sports performance and physical therapy is measurable. That’s why we’ve partnered with VALD, the world leaders in human measurement.

SPT monitoring
Valdhub dashboard

📊 Data-Driven Excellence: Our Approach to Return to Sport and Sports Performance

We know that numbers don’t lie. That’s why we’ve integrated VALD’s cutting-edge technologies into our practice. Trusted by elite sporting organizations, universities, clinics, hospitals, and defense departments worldwide, VALD’s innovative tools provide unparalleled insights into human movement, performance, injury risk, and rehabilitation.

🏋️ Precision Performance

With these advanced tools, we don’t just aim for greatness; we quantify it. We measure strength, assess injury risk, and optimize rehabilitation, all with one goal in mind: to help our clients achieve their peak performance.

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Sports Performance and Physical Therapy FAQs

How Can Physical Therapy Help a Sports Injury?

After an injury, North Scottsdale physical therapy can help people recover strength and mobility in their bodies. Physical therapy north scottsdale can help people manage pain, prevent permanent damage, and avoid recurring problems. Each sport has its own injury risk.

Why Would an Athlete See a Physical Therapist?

Physical therapy can treat pain, swelling, reduced movement, difficulty running, or other symptoms. We see common conditions like sprains, strains, post-operative care, tendinitis, and bursitis. Check with your local physical therapist to see how they can help.

What is Sport Rehabilitation?

Sports rehabilitation is concerned with understanding, treating, and preventing injuries from sports or exercise and other musculoskeletal conditions. Physical therapists will be essential in supporting athletes, sports participants, and players of all abilities as sports rehabilitators.

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