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Why Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance?

Why SPT&P?

Dr. Tyler is committed to changing the way people think about their injuries and pain. Dr. Tyler is highly trained with countless hours of additional, specialized training in the field of manual therapy.

Physical therapy is traditionally thought of as a place one must go after being asked by their doctor. Traditional physical therapy can be described as a series of exercises using hot packs and ultrasound. Although this may have been true in the past, that’s different from how current EVIDENCE BASED physical therapy is today. Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance wants to change that common perception.

To see Dr. Tyler, you don’t need to be referred or told by your doctor. You will not be required to perform a long list of theraband exercises. If you don’t feel better, you won’t be asked to continue receiving treatment. Dr. Tyler is confident that you will feel better after a thorough evaluation and high-quality, hands-on therapies and therapeutic exercises.

Why SPT&P Vs. Other Orthopedic Physical Therapy Clinics?

It comes down to expecting more than what you are used to. At Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance, we spend more time with you. It is rare to find a highly-trained Doctor of Physical Therapy who can provide a thorough and knowledgeable treatment for every session. Patients who place a high value on fast results and high performance quickly learn the difference between SPT&P clinics and traditional physical therapy clinics.

Patients are smart and quickly realize that copay is a factor in most cases. If they compare the services at each clinic, SPT&P’s out-of-pocket payments are higher. These clinics see you on average 2-3 times per week. SPT&P only sees you one time per week in most cases.

Our patients willing to pay out of pocket are more than those who would use insurance. This is because SPT&P targets a different market and patient than insurance-based clinics. Although there are many similarities between patients, those who come to SPT&P will be more invested in getting better and will pay out-of-pocket if they see the value in the services provided. Each treatment session will make a significant difference, and Dr. Tyler will inform the patient.

Isn't All Physical Therapy The Same?

No, definitely not. Whether you have had physical therapy in the past or not, no two physical therapists are the same. Many people, including some physicians, are not aware of how highly trained and educated PTs have become. With doctoral-level degrees from accredited universities and rigorous national licensing exams, physical therapists have acquired the highest level of education available. After graduation, physical therapists continue their education and training through countless hours of continuing education, professional conferences, and specialty certifications.

Dr. Tyler at North Scottsdale Physical Therapy has worked exclusively in the outpatient setting, diagnosing and treating orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions in patients of all ages and activity levels, from sedentary to professional athletes. He has earned the distinction of being a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (FAAOMPT), which represents the highest level of achievement in manual physical therapy. Our commitment to ongoing education and professional development means that you can trust North Scottsdale Physical Therapy to provide you with the highest quality of care.

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