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How TPI-Certified PTs Can Help Your Golf Game

Many people think that physical therapists only help with post-surgery rehabilitation. However, PTs can also be used to aid athletes and active adults in pain management and improve performance – even golfers!

That’s right. You can have your golf swing improved by a Physical Therapist to prevent injury and pain and also improve your game.
The Titleist Performance Institute is the largest educational institution dedicated to studying how the human body works with golf swings.

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How TPI Works

Titleist Performance Institute developed a comprehensive medical screening program for golfers. It is designed to assess swing mechanics and identify areas that require improvement to prevent injury and maximize play.

Achieving a consistent, successful golf swing can be frustrating, especially if you need help. So many parts of your body need to work in harmony with one another. Our TPI-certified golf therapists can help you identify the problem areas, from your backswing to impact.

What Does TPI Certification Mean?

The Titleist Performance Institute provides training for golf, fitness, and other medical professionals. In addition, Titleists’ decades-long research on golfers and their mechanics is available as a resource to anyone who wishes to learn how to play golf.

TPI describes itself as an “evidence-based, educational path designed to teach industry professionals how they can increase player performance through an in-depth understanding of the body’s function during the golf swing.”

Our certified physical therapists draw on the years of education through graduate school, post-graduate education, and specific golf education from Titleist to understand your game and to help you treat any problems from an orthopedic perspective.

TPI-Certified Physical Therapists can help with aches and pains with your golf game

To understand more about Physical Therapy for golfers. Please click hear to understand common injuries in golf and some things you can do to prevent it. Click Here

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Dr. Tyler is a physical therapist and founder Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance in North Scottsdale, Arizona. He see golfers, athletes and active adults. His focus is offering one-on-one sessions for 1 hour focused on developing individualized programs to get you back to your goals.

If you have any questions about online programing or want to stop in for a visit, please reach out by hitting “request appointment” in the top of the page.

– Dr. Tyler PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, TPI-2

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