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Golf Therapy in Arizona


Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance offers the Titleist Performance Institute Golf Evaluation at our clinic. First, we will evaluate your body to determine your swing characteristics. Then, we will create a personalized golf program that addresses those limitations. Are you looking to prevent injuries from golf? Are you experiencing pain while playing golf? Call our clinic if you answered “yes” to these questions, schedule your golf evaluation with a Doctor of Physical Therapy certified through the Titleist Performance Institute.


The Titleist Performance Institute Evaluation (TPI), which focuses on improving a golfer’s game, follows the TPI guidelines. TPI Evaluations identify and correct physical limitations, “characteristics,” in an individual’s golf swing and incorporate physical gains into the individual’s game. The physical therapist will then provide a detailed analysis and recommendations for improving your game. One of the many movements we test is the overhead deep squat which can be seen here.

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Golf is physically demanding on the body, so golfers must take good care of themselves. Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance offers a Golf Fitness Program. We are the only facility that can offer a TPI assessment. This is because physical therapists must have been specifically certified by TPI to do this. We will use manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education, therapeutic exercise, and exercise techniques to help patients improve their golf game. This program is for all golf levels.
We will create a program that eliminates weakness, increases flexibility, strengthens the core, and improves balance. These things will help you become a stronger, more confident golfer and reduce your risk of injury.


Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance is pleased to offer the TPI assessment as part of our Golf Fitness Program. This popular program is effective because it addresses the needs of golfers. It also provides direct results in improving their game and reducing injuries. To find out how golf rehab can help, read here. Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance can help you prevent injuries and reduce pain while playing golf.


For more information about the Titleist Performance Institute, visit their website..


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Dr. Tyler is a physical therapist and founder Scottsdale Physical Therapy & Performance in North Scottsdale, Arizona. He see golfers, MMA athletes and active adults. His focus is offering one-on-one sessions for 1 hour focused on developing individualized programs to get you back to your goals.

If you have any questions about online programing or want to stop in for a visit, please reach out by hitting “request appointment” in the top of the page.

– Dr. Tyler PT, DPT, FAAOMPT, TPI-2

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