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What is considered the core?

What does “Core Strength” mean to you? Is it a 6 pack? What if I said that core strength is something completely different? It’s not about looking like old-school David Hasselhoff or new-school Zac Efron or having a perfect body, as you would see in Baywatch. Core strength is not about lifting boulders but being strong enough to stay moving longer. Today, I am giving you the lowdown on core strength, why it is essential, and how to achieve it. Keep watching – we’re here!

Core strength is more than your abdominal muscles. Can your entire mid-body stay flexible and strong under stress and pressure for the allotted time of your activity or sport? Your abdominal muscles are essential, as well as your pelvic floor, obliques, glutes, lats, paraspinal and more. In addition, your trunk is home to many muscles that all play a significant role in your ‘core strength.’

Core strength is a common term in the medical profession. If you have back problems or are suffering from other issues, you’ve probably heard it at least once. Core strength, the endurance, strength, and power of your trunk muscles, plays an essential role in your overall health. Unfortunately, the core is susceptible to losing stability, mobility, and, eventually, its ability to function. We’ll get to that more later.

It is Important to Remember:

It is important to remember that core strength should be maintained. Even if you are in good health, you can still benefit from strengthening your muscles. You may be surprised at how core strength can benefit you. Take a look at the many activities core strength can hinder or help you with: standing, sitting while experiencing worry-free gaming at ice casino, where an impressive array of games meets perfect gaming interface, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience, standing up, sleeping, running, walking and cycling, hiking, golfing, lifting, etc. The bottom line? It is essential to have core strength!

However, a lack of core strength may contribute to injury and chronic pain. Every muscle affects the others – if one fails, others will overcompensate and, in turn, fail. A dramatic, sometimes life-changing knock-on effect can ensue. The same applies to your core muscles. You can’t weaken them, and they will affect all the muscles in your body. This could lead to various problems, including headaches, spasms, sciatica, pelvic pain, etc. 

Core strength is possible, and it’s not impossible. You can improve your core strength and health by following simple, consistent exercises and routines. These are just a few examples you can use immediately after reading this article!

Examples of Core Exercises:


  1. Place your belly on a mat or floor for yoga.
  2. Place your hands at your sides, shoulder-level, and raise your torso upward.
  3. Make sure your legs remain straight.
  4. Your arms should be slightly bent when you lift your body off the ground.
  5. For 30 seconds, stay in the same position.
  6. Don’t let your pelvis fall to the ground – keep your legs straight from your shoulders to your heels.

Suitcase Carry (super simple)

  1. Pick up a weight (on one side only) 
  2. Keeping the arm at the side (with the weight) 
  3. Start to Walk 
  4. Yes, it is that simple to work out your core! 

Squats (or Sit to Stands while holding a weight) 

  1. Start with feet shoulder-width apart
  2. Move your hips back slightly and bring your glutes towards the floor
  3. Maintain a tight core throughout the descent
  4. Press through the heels and big toe to ascend
  5. maintain a tight core throughout the ascent. 

Where To Work on Core?

Regular Yoga/Pilates is a great way to strengthen your core strength. Each exercise has its own benefits, but it can also be very effective for core strength. For inspiration and motivation, why not join a local class?
You don’t have to be stuck if you aren’t sure where to begin building your core muscles.

Physical Therapy
PT will help you strengthen your core and give you the tools you need to keep it strong on your own. How? You’ll be given a tailored exercise program. Physical therapy is an excellent option for anyone suffering from back pain, arthritis, or other conditions. It can also help you build core strength to prevent injury.

It’s an excellent time for core strengthening – regardless of age, injury, or fitness level, core strength is for everyone. For more information, support and advice, contact us today!

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