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How Much Hip Mobility Do You Need for Golf?

Hip mobility is essential for a golf swing because it allows you to turn and rotate appropriately during the swing. The amount of hip mobility you need will depend on your body and your swing, and the specific golf shots you are trying to hit.
a diagram of a hip joint with the hip joint highlighted.

General Guidelines for Golfer's Hip Mobility

Here are some general guidelines for how much hip mobility you may need in a golf swing:

  • A complete shoulder turn during the backswing typically requires moderate hip mobility. This allows you to turn your upper body entirely while keeping your lower body stable.
  • If you want to hit high, lofted shots, you may need more hip mobility. This allows you to make a complete shoulder turn and generate the necessary clubhead speed for these shots.
  • If you struggle with maintaining proper balance during the swing, increasing your hip mobility may help. This can allow you to keep your weight on your back foot during the backswing and shift it to your front foot during the downswing.

It’s important to note that these are general guidelines, and the specific amount of hip mobility you need may vary depending on your body and your swing. If you have any concerns about your hip mobility, you should consult a golf professional or physical therapist. They can help you assess your mobility and provide specific exercises to improve it.

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